The Spanish Advanced Optical Microscopy Network (REMOA) was created in 2009 to promote knowledge transfer and collaboration between Microscopy Laboratories and Facilities located in Spanish Research Institutes, Universities and Hospitals.

The REMOA community develops its activity around scientific and technical topics, mainly in the fields of Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging for Life Sciences.

REMOA intends to communicate with all the scientific and technical staff, inside and outside the network, about equipments and applications that could be offered by the imaging platforms and research groups in Spain. Our long-term mission is to maximize the use and exploitation of microscopy-related technical and human resources in Spain.

REMOA also intends to develop academic and technical training in the fields of Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging, e.g by offering access to journals and books, tutorials and guides, knowledge and experience.  REMOA aims at organizing yearly Courses, Workshops and congresses, open to the whole scientific community.

Finally, REMOA will facilitate the contact between scientific and technical staff, in profit or non-profit foundations and private enterprises, with in mind to stimulate collaborations, to improve access to techniques, tools and protocols, and to spread open-source scientific information for the benefit of all scientists whose research rely on Optical Microscopy and Digital Imaging.